Actionable Toolkits

As an aspiring entrepreneur or the owner of a young enterprise, have you felt the need to build a business for a better tomorrow?

We have a customised and cost effective solution for you!

Next Mile Co. has collaborated with Snowcrest Consulting and Go Do Good, to provide you with our actionable Toolkit Bundle which contains:

  1. Financial Management Toolkit: This toolkit will allow for easy tracking of the company’s finances and analysis of the business financial performance
  2. Compliance Guide: This guide will cover the various necessary compliances required for different types of orgnisations in India
  3. Sustainable Packaging Guide: This will include the various types of packaging, myths regarding sustainable packaging, sustainable material options and key points to consider while choosing materials and deciding on procurement partners
  4. Competitor Analysis Template: This ready template will allow an organisation to keep track of key information regarding their competitors and easily gauge their strengths as well as the market sentiment
  5. Brand Building Guide: This guide will to help entrepreneurs to create their business brand story, brand personality and effectively engage in target audience analysis.

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Service Benefits

Customisable Resources

Begin your sustainable business journey through these highly customisable resources.

Group Mentoring

Receive a 90-minute group mentoring session on how to most effectively use the toolkit bundle and step up your sustainable business journey.


The above toolkit bundle is available at an affordable cost. Contact us for more information.