Partnership Building Strategy

We were engaged for a partnership building project by Social Lab, a company which specialises in solid waste management. With the aim of creating new revenue generating opportunities, the project focus was on identifying new partners for scale up of operations.

Here’s what they say about us:

Simple, effective mapping tools created by the Next Mile Co. team brought focus on key clientele and paved the way for effective monitoring of business leads. (Rahul Juware, Founder, Social Lab)

Project deliverables included – listing out short-term and long-term recommendations across new revenue generation avenues for the business and identifying clientele across governmental, non-governmental, multilateral organisations for sustainable business growth. This was supplemented with key messaging that was developed for each type of potential clientele basis the audience understanding to support Social Lab in their efforts to approach the clients.

Project outcomes

Through this two-month long project engagement, the focus was on identifying new types of clients who could potentially partner with Social Lab for scaling up their operations. As a result, key project outcomes were:
5 new business avenues identified for further revenue generation
Identified 30 potential clientele in the private sector which were mapped across 7 sectors
Strategic recommendations provided for better brand positioning to build robust partnerships